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 Catherine Bell gives us a peek inside her private life ....

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MessageSujet: Catherine Bell gives us a peek inside her private life ....   Lun 6 Juin - 15:51

Catherine Bell gives us a peek inside her private life and her new film Last Man Standing
June 06 2011
Catherine Bell has come a long way since her days on Jag… she’s been starring in the hit Lifetime series Army Wives and when she’s not busy playing a wife on TV or film, she’s playing one in real life too- to her husband of 19 – count em 19 years (which in Hollywood is commensurate to 100 years) and raising two kids.

We got a chance to chat up Catherine about her latest film for Lifetime; Last Man Standing which was co- written by her real-life husband, Adam Beason who came up with the idea a couple of years ago, when they were trying to find something to do together. Last Man Standing as Bell Describes literally began with her husband’s question, “Hey honey, what do you think about playing a female bodyguard?” to which she said, “Yeah, cool!”. And next thing she knew, he started writing a pitch

So just who is this character Bell plays in Last Man Standing which premieres on Monday, June 6, at 8 pm PT/ET on Lifetime Television? Abby Collins; a happy suburban wife and mother who’s been concealing her dark past as a military-trained special-ops agent. But when her husband is mysteriously kidnapped, Abby’s past returns to haunt her and she must risk everything to protect her daughter and save the man she loves.

“It was fun to be involved in that, because the character was probably my favorite as someone who was really strong and gets to do the action stuff, which is what I really love,” says Bell. “And it’s a thriller; it’s really fast-paced and action-packed.” And while we can’t wait to see her flex her take no prisoners I’m a bad-ass special opps agent… we also wanted a clue into how Bell balances everything on her very full plate…

Married my Sugar Daddy: How do you keep your relationship from fizzling out- 19 years together is a really long time, especially in Hollywood.. What’s your secret?

Catherine: We’ve been together 19 years and it’s like 100 years in Hollywood. We met on a movie set he was a production assistant to Robert zemekis and I was an actress. We went through different phases of our careers and he’s always been a part of my production company. I actually call him my walking IMBD

I’m sure that since we’re not both actors perhaps has helped to keep our relationship strong. In Hollywood when one spouse -is working more it can be challenging and luckily we’ve never had competition he’s been a real partner- it’s so much more collaborative.

Married my Sugar daddy: Truthfully how do you stay so fit in your forties?

Catherine: You have your husband write a part for you, ( like Last Man Standing) right after you give birth! Of course I do work out regularly like three four days a week- and yes I do cheat a little here and there.

Married my Sugar Daddy: Speaking of being a mom in her forties; you had your second child in your 40’s so is motherhood harder or easier at this stage of the game?

Catherine: The pregnancy was harder n my I 40’s but as far as motherhood I’m more comfortable- I’m more relaxed as a woman-and I’ve noticed he (my baby) is also more comfortable and relaxed because I don’t freak out about everything

Married my sugar daddy: When you do get to spend quality time with your kids what do you relish most?

Catherine: Its different things- I love putting my little boy in the carrier, he loves the wind on his face, and it’s our special time. With my daughter- I love to read fairytales to her in bed and of course we love to cook together with her little step stool in the kitchen.

Married my sugar daddy: What was the best piece of advice you got about motherhood?

Catherine: Someone told me this- make sure you take time for yourself and your spouse; you and your marriage are just as important as your babies. Go get a massage, a pedicure, go out to dinner with your husband and get a baby sitter. Do it for yourself –it makes you such a better mother and wife and is so worth it.


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Catherine Bell gives us a peek inside her private life ....
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